How to be Ready for those Impromptu Gatherings

This post has been sponsored by Procter & Gamble. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you, but around the holidays, we seem to have more impromptu gatherings – which I happen to love! I seem to enjoy those last-minute get-togethers even more than the gatherings that end up on the calendar. Partially because I don’t have a whole days to scrub my house from top to bottom – like I feel like I have to do when I KNOW people are coming over.

I mean, I love a good cleaning day. But when those impromptu gatherings happen and I don’t have time to deep clean my entire house, I still want my home feeling fresh and welcoming and smelling great! Thankfully, with Febreze and a few other tricks, I can still make that happen!


This is big help for me when I know thing are about to get busy! Even if you happen to have that amazing luxury of having a housecleaner come, sticking to a schedule will help make sure that your house is ready for those impromptu get-togethers! Because when your floors are regularly getting swept and cleaned, that makes it that much easier to touch up last minute! The same goes for any bathrooms guests might use.

In my opinion, on of the BEST cleaning schedules is one that gives you one or two things to clean Monday – Friday and a monthly item or two that’s a bit bigger, or doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly – but still needs to be cleaned. I’m looking at you dishwasher. Making time to regularly clean your house not only lets you live in a cleaner space, but you’re less likely to panic when people show up on your doorstep.


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How a house smells is one of the first things that greets your guests, no matter whether it’s a planned event or a surprise gathering. And I would be the first one to skip vacuuming or sweeping my hardwood floors and just make sure my house SMELLS great! Dollar General currently has Febreze in amazing holiday scents!

I used Febreze Air Effects Fresh Cut Pine to ‘cleanse the air of odors’ and give a burst of freshness that smells like a delightful fresh-cut pine tree!  And I placed a Febreze PLUGPlug Air Freshener in Fresh Cranberry Twist by my front door to keep the holiday scents happening.


Houses have doors for a reason, use them! Whether it’s just putting those toys and things that seem to make their way into your living room out of sight, use the five minutes you usually have to do sweep of the big stuff and put it out of sight.

This is also the time that you can sweep up a few of those larger crumbs under your table, or wipe off your counter  – whatever is most needed. Sometimes I’m more productive in that five minute sweep than I am on cleaning day… sometimes.


When you’re in a rush and doing your five minutes sweep, having cleaning products and air freshening products in every bathroom and on every level of your house will save you! I know it might seem silly to have a toilet bowl cleaner in each bathroom, but when you don’t have to go looking for the cleaner because it’s right there, you’ll thank me! The same goes for countertop cleaners, window and mirror cleaners and products that make your levels and bathrooms smell clean and fresh!

Especially in my bathroom, underneath each sink, I keep a basket with all the cleaning supplies and air freshening products that I use, including paper towels or scrub brushes. I have everything to do a quick cleaning sweep without having to run up and down stairs.

I LOVE impromptu gatherings! And I love that the holidays seem to bring a few more of them my way. And while I can’t always promise a clean and spotless house, it will be a house that smells like the holidays, thanks to Febreze! And don’t forget your car for- when you’re picking up those guests from the airport! Febreze makes all of their holidays scents for your car, too!

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