a Lego-Themed Birthday Party

We have a FIVE year old!

One of the best things about celebrating your kid’s birthday, is watching how excited they get over their birthday party. I’m pretty sure Ajax didn’t sleep at all the night before. Having all your buddies coming over to play, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Our plan was to have the party at our community center, but we found out after picking the date that it wasn’t available. So we turned our house into the party house, for one night only. Hah!┬áSince Ajax is all about legos, he asked for a ‘lego’ party. I feel that a staple in kid parties, right? Either way it was a blast to throw!




veggie pasta (brown rice noodles) salad
juice boxes with lego heads taped to them
water with lemons – they had lego ice cubes, but they melted pretty quickly
chips (a personal request from the birthday boy)
cheese and veggies

The cakes I had ordered from a local grocery store and I decorated them myself, mainly from the building block candy that I ordered from Amazon.

Balloons, all the balloons – we just hung them up like outside lights all over our house.
Using multiple boxes, we wrapped them in different colored tablecloths and used the same colored plates to make them look like legos.
We did the same things to doors around our house to simulate lego blocks.
I bought this tablecloth from Amazon.

We had lego coloring pages (I just googled lego coloring pages and printed them off), which were awesome because the kids created lego people that were adorable.

I purchased these little ‘lego’ kits as party favors. They did exactly what they were suppose, and the kids loved putting them together… but be warned, they’re not LEGO quality. Hah, it makes it more fun when arms fall off, right?

We did ONE game – pin the head on the lego man. I think it was cute and the kids thought it was funny to see where they stuck the heads.

Over all, it was a fun party and it was a joy to celebrate the birthday boy, even if it resembled a snow globe outside…