Black is My Favorite Summer Color

It doesn’t actually matter the season, there will be black in my closet. And even though, if there is going to be color, it’s most likely to being during summer, I still gravitate to what I love… the color black. I think it’s pretty obvious if you look at my outfits. I also happen to think that black always looks good and appropriate for whatever situation.

One of the items on my summer wardrobe list was black jean shorts – denim and distressed were the qualifications. I found a pair of 501 Levi shorts at a Levi’s Outlet Store – actually I found two pairs (a blue denim pair too) that I haven’t stopped wearing. I can’t speak for all Levi’s but I l o v e the ones I have. They’re high waisted, frayed hems and fit just they way they’re suppose to.



Naturally I’m wearing my black Birkenstocks. A few years later and they’re still my favorite shoe; I even have the tan line to prove it. I’ve thought about buying a new pair, but why wreck a good thing?

I found my sunglasses in the men’s section of Target, but can’t seem to fine them online in either the women’s or men’s accessories. I kinda love the colored lens though. And a word of warning, this shirt is sheer. I know it doesn’t look like it, because it’s black. But it is sheer, but I happen to think that’s perfect for that hot, summer day. Black tank with black denim shorts with black Birkenstocks and black sunglasses – there’s my summer uniform.

In all fairness, I do love wearing one particular color (other than black) and it’s coming to the blog next week… any guesses on what that color might be?!