styling a jumpsuit

What I hear most often, when I wear a jumpsuit, romper, one-piecer – pick your adjective – what I hear most is people telling me that they just wouldn’t know how to wear that. And while I don’t think wearing a jumpsuit is the same as throwing on jeans and tee, don’t let it be that intimidating either. It’s like wearing a dress, that has pants on the bottom.

There are all kinds of jumpsuits out there from pants, to joggers, culottes, and shorts. I think technically overalls can fall into this category too, which is probably why I like them. Rompers do have a little bit more of a boho vibe, so if you tend to vibe with only classic pieces, this might not be your thing. But I do think most of you would be surprised that you actually like this style, if you tried it out!

Let’s talk about how I styled these two different, albeit both black, jumpsuits.


the tapered pants jumpsuit


The t-shirt under a jumpsuit is pretty trendy, and I don’t always love the look. But when I tried it out with this jumpsuit, I LOVED it. And it’s a legit mom outfit!



The drawstring keeps this jumpsuit pretty casual, but switching up the shoes gives it just a little bit more dressiness so I can wear it to church, or brunch. I can totally see this outfit and a mimosa in my hand, can’t you?



the culotte jumpsuit


I’ve seen culottes styled a lot with sneakers -it’s one of the reasons I tried out the trend! Because with the addition of sneakers, I can wear this outfit all day, everyday. When it’s warm. I’m still playing around with cardigans and sweaters that I like with this outfit. I’ll let you know if I find one I like!



The lace cami underneath adds a little sexiness, and while I’m not a regular heel wearer, adding some height always looks good with a mid-length. The husband took the pictures for this post, and this look was his favorite!


It hasn’t been consistently warm enough yet to put the culotte jumpsuit into a weekly rotation, but as soon as it’s gets a tab bit warmer, you’ll see me wearing it a lot! And the tapered pants jumpsuit is already being worn. Because even though I live in not-so-sunny California, we do have mild temperatures year round, which is what this jumpsuit was made for, those late spring, summer, early fall temperatures.

Have I intrigued you enough to try out a jumpsuit? Or the culotte trend?

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tapered pants jumpsuit / sneakers / white tee / loafers (old from Target, but want these or these?! / cardigan (similar)
culotte jumpsuit / sandals (same brand, similar style / necklace (newer version) / lace cami (similar) / sneakers / white sweater (similar)


This romper is awesome! As is this one!!
This jumpsuit is styled terribly in the pictures, but I’ve tried it on in store, and kinda loved it!