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While Glass Beach has become a clear attraction, the entire Northern California coast line is epically stunning. I’m not entirely sure photos (and even videos) and capture how beautiful this coast is. Especially when the sun peaks out!

Glass Beach came about because Fort Bragg used to use a few sites along the coastline as dumps back in the early 1900’s. When they stopped, the waves took the glass and pottery dumped there and turned that sections of coast in a beach filled with sea glass.

It has become a clear attraction as I was expecting there to be more sea glass and less rocks on the beach. But we ended up climbing down to the harder-to-reach beach (there are 2 spots to get down to the water) and there was plenty of sea glass there to feel like you were on a glass beach.

Would I make the trip  j u s t  to see Glass Beach now that I’ve been there….mmm, not sure. The coast is so so stunning that you could make that your reason for hitting Mendocino or Fort Bragg and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Glass Beach? Maybe just manage your expectations. It’s a rocky beach with sea glass sprinkled through out. Still we had a good time trying to find a few different colors of sea glass; and both the boys really loved the afternoon we spent there. I’m sure a few rocks even made it into their mouths…….

visiting Glass Beach |

  • There is a parking lot close to Glass Beach; it’s a part of MacKerricher State Park.
  • We took our double Bob as we walked towards the beach, but on both sides (the harder-to-reach beach, and the more accessible beach) it’s not stroller-friendly. AKA you’ll have to carry your stroller if you want to continue on with it. We parked ours at the top of the cliffs and walked down to the beach without it.
  1. 8.17.17

    haha! Fun. It still looks pretty neat! But maybe I’ll keep my expectations low 😉

  2. 8.17.17

    Such great photos! I love them! I would love to go to Glass Beach

  3. 8.17.17
    Caitlin said:

    This glass is amazing! Definitely makes me want to plan a trip. 🙂

  4. 8.20.17

    Oh my gosh how beautiful. I love sea glass. What a unique beach. 🙂

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