A Walk Around Our South Korean House

One of the things that I loved about where we lived in Bavaria was all the fields and farms surrounding us. It was so beautiful, immaculately manicured, and a joy to do an evening walk through. Maybe not so ironically, where we live in South Korea is considered the country and the house that we picked is surrounded by farms, including an elk farm! A little googling and based off of what the elk looked like, we think the farm is raising elk for the velvet on their antlers. We also have a 7eleven right around the corner too, so you could say we basically have it all!

There are manicured lines of vegetables everywhere you look! I do love these pictures…you can see the line of vegetables right next to the highway partisan. I’ve seen mainly peppers and squash-type vegetables or possibly cucumbers, some peas, and all the rice paddies.

Two little dog friends took a walk on the new concrete

We took this walk before our UAB (unaccompanied baggage – a small shipment of personal items that they fly to you, so they get there faster) and bikes were delivered, but these flat(ish) roads will be fun for bike riding, when it’s not aggressively humid and hot, if there is ever such a thing.