Summer Stripes | the Crop Top


I  L O V E  me some stripes! I’m sure that’s old news by now…but what might be shocking is that I’m wearing a crop top.

Okay, that’s not really that shocking either if you know me. And even though mama could use a few more Tone It Up sessions (give me back my abs!) I still am okay with this crop top because of how boxy it is! But truly, if I had a pair of high waisted anything on, you would barely see even a sliver of skin. Remember that next time you think that a crop top might not be for you. It’s a crop top, not necessarily a belly shirt…

This is practically my go-to summer wear…which here where the weather is the same year round…so it’s probably my fall, winter and spring go-to too. But this is currently summer for the rest of everyone, so it’s a summer go-to look. Plus, if you swapped my ripped jeans for a pair of high-waisted denim shorts it would be a true summer outfit.

overall thoughts

Honestly, I think I prefer this top with actual high waisted pants, just purely for the coverage basis. But since I currently only have mid-rise black jeans, this is what it is. I do, however, LOVE this shirt. It’s that boxy fit that make me love the shortness of the shirt. I don’t think I would wear any other version of a crop top, because just no…

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  1. 7.18.17

    LOOOOVE this outfit! I feel the same way about crop tops! They can be so fun (and not terribly revealing) with high waist pants or shorts!!

    • 7.19.17
      Abi said:

      And really, I prefer a little stomach to flashing boobies any day =) hahah

  2. 7.18.17

    SO cute!!! Love this overall look, those sunglasses are darling!!

    • 7.19.17
      Abi said:

      I love them! Madewell all day!

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