The Best Snow Day Essentials

I know that it’s OCTOBER, but here in Colorado, we’re on our second snow day. Maybe third – I can’t remember. But basically, buckle up. It’s going to be a long winter. At least for me. But it’s pretty, right? And good for skiing! Which we’re trying to make our little bros into skiers this winter, so at least the weather is in on the plan.

So even if you haven’t had a snow day yet, unless you live in a state without seasons, yours is coming. And I’ve got the roundup for all the snow day essentials you’ll want to have on hand.



Generally speaking, I don’t have a drawer full of lounge wear. But, I do think having that outfit that you can pull out on those snow days is useful. I firmly believe that getting dressed each day is important. That doesn’t mean you have to wear jeans or even put on makeup, but changing out of what you slept in can do worlds for productivity. So when it comes to snow days, I don’t want to wear jeans. I want to be comfortable and cozy.

This is also what I want to wear on rainy days and Saturday and Sunday afternoons too.


I stash hot chocolate – the legit store bought kind – in my pantry. And I also make sure to always have cocoa on hand, because sometimes you just want hot chocolate made from scratch. Well, I do. But if hot chocolate isn’t your thing, there’s hot apple cider, coffee – which is a daily essentials – but coffee with baileys is a snow day essential because you’re not driving anywhere. Anywhere..


Inevitably, someone will want to venture out in the snow; it’s like a moth to a flame. But since I don’t want my little bros shriveling up, I make sure we have snow gear on hand. It might sound silly to have this as a snow day essential, but I’ve woken up to those magical white things falling from the sky and had to brave the roads to Wally World to grab a pair of snow pants or gloves. Because sweatpants just don’t cut it; trust me.


I never want to miss an opportunity to make soup, and a snow day is literally soup’s perfect match. So when winter starts showing up (read OCTOBER) I make sure to always have stuff on hand to make soup – even if it’s just egg drop soup with noodles. But really, I generally keep an eye on the weather and make sure I have the ingredients on hand to make soup, a good soup.

These are some of my favorites:
Zuppa Toscana Soup (I use coconut cream instead of heavy cream, and have never used bacon)
Red Curry Noodle Soup
Chicken and Dumplings
Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

And these are on my list to try this winter:
Creamy White Bean Soup
Italian Sausage Kale Soup
Easy French Onion Soup ( I LOVE a good French Onion Soup)

Basically, all that makes for a good snow day for me! But only one.. I’m only good for A snow day. Surviving a full on winter storm requires a whole different set of essentials.