Packing for Yosemite (with the family)

We’re headed to Yosemite soon, and I’m looking forwards to some WOODS. I’ve heard the hikes (and the views!) are legit. I’ve got to get my Colorado vibes somehow! And while I love a good cabin, we opted to stay at a resort this time around. Can you say happy hour at the family hot tub! Yaaass.

To be honest, I’m probably going to add a few warmer pieces to my suitcase, just because I don’t actually trust the weather here. I mean, 70 degrees and sunny on the weather app is usually 62 degrees and there’s a smidgen of sun, somewhere. But since Yosemite isn’t in the Monterey Peninsula, which apparently has it’s own weather system, I could be looking at normal weather…but one of the worst things, I think, is being cold. I hate being cold. So I’m packing that just-in-case sweater, and coat, and probably a beanie. And maybe a super cozy cardigan…

What do you always bring that’s just-in-case but you normally end up using it??

I should make a packing guide for the kiddos, because let’s face it. As bad as I can be with packing, there amount of things I throw in the car last minute for the babes… it’s basically half of the stuff we bring!

  1. 9.29.16
    JT said:

    I need you to pack my bags!

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