Brecken James

Brecken James was born March 18th – 8.3 pounds (BIG for a Colorado baby) and 21.25 inches long.

I’m not much for birth stories, but let me just say, this babe took a lot more work to get him here than his older brother did. All lies about the second birth being easier and faster! Well, at least for me.

I will say this about Brecken’s birth…I ended up getting a blood transfusion, and everyone told me that afterwards, you just feel G O O D. Like you could run a marathon or some such nonsense. Well, I got hit with a nasty sinus infection the day after I came home from the hospital, but even with the cold, I felt a world of difference between the recovery from Brecken’s birth and Ajax’s birth. 100% attributed to the care I received postpartum and getting my hemoglobin levels back up. I’m still moving slow, trying to ease back into everything, but slow is a huge step ahead of where I was after Ajax, despite having an easier birth.

And now I’m a mama of Two. TWO.

  1. 3.31.16
    Laura c said:

    So adorable and your family is lovely. Can’t wait to hear of your new adventures with two.

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