36 Weeks

// dress : Old Navy Maternity / jacket : J.Crew Factory (similar) / sneakers : Steve Madden //

Lawd… I’m still pregnant. Yes, I know. REAL pregnant.
Granted, I should be. But for some reason, my brain has been saying “birth, birth, BIRTH” for like, the past two weeks. Who knows what my body is thinking. However, according to my husband, I dropped on Tuesday. I came down the stairs for breakfast and he was like “Woah! You dropped!” I’ve never been able to tell that, on me or anyone else. But now I have to pee like every fifteen minutes, and feel like I might just drop this baby out whenever I walk, so maybe it’s true. We’ll see what the doc says next week…

I think I’m more anxious for B to get here because of the upcoming move (I’ll tell you where in a few!). Once he’s here, at least in my brain, it will be one less unknown. And right now, I have all these questions. How will Ajax react to have a little brother? Will this little guy be a good sleeper and eater? How big is he going to be? Because I have some pretty cute newborn clothes I’d like to use… Will he be colicky? And will I know that if it is, because Ajax never had trouble with that. Will I not like nursing again or will some stranger come over my body and I just love it? I don’t totally see that happening… but you never know.

My brain just doesn’t stop with the questions, and those are just about B! I have a few mama friends who are about to welcome their second too, and I would guess that my questions are some of the same ones running through their brains too. Any advice to us, you veteran mamas?