A Lesson in Saying ‘Thank You’

This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I met my husband, he had already committed to serving Uncle Sam. So being with him meant that I was going to be a military spouse, which was a whole new world for me! I still remember the newness of learning the in’s and out’s of the military community. But now, there are two little boys in our military family and being a military kid is all that they know. It’s normal for them to see their papa go to work wearing multicam and get to climb all over tanks on family day.

But even though we are a military family, I think it is really important to teach them to say thank you to the men and women, in this community, who serve and who have served. American Greetings makes it easy to say thank you! Teaching my boys to say thank you to veterans is a lesson I want them to learn.

Since Veteran’s Day is right around the corner (November 11th), I took the boys into our local AAFES Exchange to find a few thank you cards for the veterans and active duty service men and women in our lives. What I love about going into the Exchange is the variety of things that they carry. The Exchange is especially awesome if you’re stationed overseas but even stateside, I may have walked out with a few other items other than just some great cards! Did you know that about two-thirds of The Exchange earnings are paid to MWR/Services programs each year?!? So your shopping is helpful!!

After picking up our American Greetings card at our local Exchange, we went home and I let the boys sign their names and draw a picture on each of the cards. There was still enough space for me to write a little message, just thanking them for their service and pointing out what was drawn for them.

This project was so easy and fun, and it was something that we were able to do together. Plus, it reiterated the lesson of saying thank you, even to those in our community!

The next time you’re on base, stop by your local Exchange and pick up a few American Greetings thank you cards. Not only are there some really great ones, but the few minutes it will take to sign a card and mail it will make the veteran or active service member in your life feel the love. If you need some help with inspiration check out this guide here.