Packing for A Long Weekend in the Mountains

When there’s a long weekend coming – like the one we just had – if you live near the mountains, well, they call! One of my favorite ways to spend a long weekend is up in the mountains – especially in September, October and November. You’ll get color, actual fall-ness, and all the good things that come with mountains – campfires, mountain towns, and great views.

Whenever I go to pack, I usually search Pinterest looking for inspiration on what to put into my bags. Often, I don’t have all the same pieces as the what is in the packing post, but it gives me a good place to start – and that’s half the battle with packing, starting! Am I right? Any other packing procrastinators in the room?

This packing post pulls one of my favorite fall colors – mustard! It was either that or green. Naturally there is a lot of black (black hides dirt well, people!) but since that’s a staple in my wardrobe, that’s why it’s included. And when I head to the mountains, I like comfortable, easy outfits that are capable of holding up to an adventure, so black skinnies and overalls are the way to go.

packing for long weekend in the mountains by the tombo co

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