My Vertical, Mostly Herb, Garden

I planted a garden! A vertical, mostly herb garden – but still!

I feel like I have to say “garden” because if you know me at all, you know that you’re more likely to find me in the produce isle than with dirt on my hands. But I think that’s because I’ve gone about gardening the wrong way. Clearly, I did not plant a full-on garden. But I did plant some herbs and a few veggie… and I’m kinda stoked about it!

You know that we did our entire backyard in astroturf, so I only had a few options when it came to planting a teeny, tiny, hopefully manageable, mostly herb garden. All my options being something that wasn’t in the ground. I had been carting around this wood pallet for about a year, and decided to try and see if I could make a vertical garden out of it.

It was really pretty easy to put together. I bought two different sizes of plastic pots, arranged them how I wanted on the pallet, and then used several screws per pot to attach them to the pallet.

Then I just propped the whole pallet against our fence (secured it with a few screws) and got to planting.

Now, I know that almost all of my herbs will do just fine in pots. I’m not sure how my veggies/fruit will do – I’ve heard mixed reviews – but we’ll see how it goes. If I see that they’re are struggling, I might grab this flower box and replant them. I might do that regardless because I was planning on purchasing that flower box, but on my last trip to IKEA, it was sold out.


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Should we take bets on how well my vertical, mostly herb, garden does?!?!
If you have any tips, let me know!!