Let There Be Pretty Light

You might remember a while back, when I first posted about buying a house, I asked for advice on what I should swap out our dining room table chandelier for. Because it was the first thing I saw when I walked into the house, and literally felt no love for it. I received a lot of great suggestions as to what I should swap the chandelier out with….none of which I used. Haha, it’s not because they weren’t good suggestions! They were. I just went a little different direction that might surprised you a tad when you see what I picked. But honestly, I couldn’t love it more!

I mean, look how pretty she is!!

Are you surprised?!? Clearly I took these pictures before I put the mantel and curtains up; I’ll show you the space again once my couch arrives. But the second I saw this bamboo chandelier, I knew immediately that’s what I wanted. I have loved decorating this house with a modern, southwest bohemian vibe, and this was the perfect piece. Full disclosure, I bought the same piece for in my master bedroom too (pictures coming soon). It’s just so pretty!

I wasn’t sure if the color would clash with the dining room table or not, but I saw this hack and was planning on possibly doing that if I didn’t like the natural look. But I do love the natural look! I think the lighter color looks great in this space.

Up next is swapping out the boob light for something a bit more modern, and deciding what to swap out the pendant by the front door with (you can see it peeking out in the back of the last photo). I’m not totally sure what style I want – whether a complimenting bamboo or rattan piece or something metal. But I do know that I want it to be something simple and black.

maybe a black macrame pendant  
this black bamboo pendant

this cluster pendant – it is different
something simple like this light
this macrame pendant – even though it’s not black

Any preference now knowing the vibe I’m going for and what I picked for the kitchen lighting? Also, do you love it as much as I do?!!?! It’s the first time I’ve been able to pick out lighting and I love it! It adds SO much to the space!