We Bought a House

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we BOUGHT A HOUSE! Talk about adulting. I haven’t talked much about the process, because I wasn’t really involved in the process. Haha, let me explain.

We knew that we were headed back to Colorado and wanted to buy a house. So we called up a family realtor (who couldn’t have better!) and started looking at houses that were available. But since we had spent three and a half years earlier in the same town, we kinda already knew what we wanted. So when my husband was in town in the beginning of January, he drove through our old neighborhood and realized that if we wanted a house there (which we did) we would have to buy, like then.

So with the help of our realtor, we looked at the two houses available in the community we wanted and picked the best one for us. I tagged along via Facetime and 100% relied on the advice from our realtor and what my husband thought when it came to deciding which house to go under contract on. About a month and a half later we bought a house via Power of Attorney and the help of my in-laws, because we weren’t in-town to actually sign.

I just saw the house for the first time…meet our Colorado bungalow!

So I don’t have a lot of advice when it comes to buying a house, because I really didn’t do anything.

But as I looked at the space for the first time, it was fun to image our life here. When we moved to California, it was the first house that we moved into with active children. To be fair, Brecken was only a couple months old, but I knew it would only be a matter of months before he would be joining in on the constant play.  And something that I was intent on creating was a house that fit our life; not fitting our life into our space. So for our house in California, I made sure to include a specific play area in our main living space, plus incorporating small children who climb and move and play in all the other decor elements.

My goal is to create a similar vibe with this house. Mainly because I have children and I don’t want to be constantly telling them no in their house. I want them to feel at home in their house, and also have it look pretty. Don’t worry, I’ll bring you along for the process. We still have to pack up our California house, so we’re not moving in yet, but it’s coming…

So, now that we bought a house, any tips or advice you would give new home owners? Please share!

  1. 3.5.18

    YAY!!!! Congrats! What a cute place!!! I cannot wait to hear more about your home and your decorating it!!!! Also… let’s hang out! Okay?! When you get settled! haha.

    • 3.8.18
      Abi said:

      haha yes! Thank you.. it’s exciting knowing it’s ours! I’ll touch base once we get there.

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