Adding Color to Your Home

This title was going to read “Adding Color to Your Home When You Typicially Only Use Black, White and Gray” but that’s a mouthful, although totally accurate when it comes to this post. There are a few Insta account that I follow who are color lovers, but I generally follow them to see what the other side does because I am a diehard fan of neutrals. White, tan, gray, black; all my favorites.

If you’re anything like me, your house is filled with those neutral tones, but not a lot of color. And adding color to that neutral palette might feel a little daunting. Because, really what’s scarier than color? Practically nothing, right?!? But here’s the thing, color isn’t all bad.

Okay, okay, some colors aren’t great; I’m looking at you Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year. But even when you’re a neutrals diehard, adding a bit of color to parts of your home can bring out the best of your style. And adding color won’t make you feel like you turned your house into a rainbow, if you do it right.


Pick a room, any room, other than your living room to add color to

Here’s why I say  to pick a room other than your living room. It is much more complicated to swap out that colorful couch and than it is to return a comforter or even shower curtain. Plus, most of the furniture in a living room isn’t cheap, and if you’re not used to decorating with color, you’re not totally sure what you are going to like. I can tell you that I went all purple for a bathroom…. all that decor just didn’t make it after one of my moves and no one, no one, missed it. Noted : I’m not a fan of purple.

Find out what colors you ARE drawn to

Pinterest is great for finding colors that you’re drawn to, especially if you start by searching the styles you like. Whether you are more boho, classic or even modern – you’ll find examples of all styles with colors. I’ve noticed that the colors that I am drawn too are usually earthy tones. Those rust, green, navy colors are colors that I’ve learned that I’m draw to. You might be a fan of bold rich colors, or soft warm pastels; Pinterest will be your best friend in getting ideas.

Start slow

There’s no need to overhaul even one room all at once. Baby steps. Just being open to the possibility of color will add some color to your life. Haha! But for real. Take it slow and start small with colors you think you might want to bring into your house. A vase or a small print are great ways to start adding color to your house, with minimal commitment.

I’ve always loved navy – and really all the darker shades of blue. So a few years ago, I swapped out my tan and white striped duvet for a navy and white comforter. And while I know navy is the closest color to black, it’s still color, and it was a baby step for me in adding color to my home. I brought in a few different shades of blue – mostly royal blues – and worked with complimenting the darker tones in my bedroom furniture.

Last year, I was on Anthropologie’s site and came across this quilt. I immediately loved it, despite all the colors. See I’ve always loved rust tones too. Some might say that’s called orange, but the color in my mind definitely is not orange. This quilt brought into my room some of those rust tones, along with several other colors. And the blues coordinated so well with the blue already in my bedspread, that it only took several text messages asking my friends if I was crazy for wanting this colorful quilt, before I brought it home.

Guys, this quilt is full on colorful. It’s in my house. And I love it. Now I still hold to my neutral palette in most of my main living spaces, but I’m definitely open to more of those earthy tones now. Because I spend hours working in my bedroom because I love being there… because of the color.

  1. 1.24.18

    I love that quilt! Navy is the color of my bedspread at home too!

    Our living room was painted gray and we have gray and black pieces around it. So when it came time for a rug and a coffee table accent I had to tie in some colors. We picked up a blue rug with ornate gold and white accents.

    • 1.27.18
      Abi said:

      oooh, I do love navy!! Color really do bring out the best!

  2. 1.24.18

    You are so funny Abi! “I generally follow them to see what the other side does” LOL, so fun. I love how you use your fabrics to give color pops – looks great 🙂

    • 1.27.18
      Abi said:

      Hahaha, “they” need studying =)

  3. 1.24.18

    Yes!! I love the color in the bed!!! I also love adding color through wall decor and throw pillows!

    • 1.27.18
      Abi said:

      I have throw pillows in the same rust color… can’t bring myself to use them yet! =) Maybe if I get a chair in my master bedroom =)

  4. 1.24.18
    Amanda | Maple Alps said:

    Those the color in that bed! I love pops of color – you did it awesomely!

    • 1.27.18
      Abi said:

      Aw, thank you!!

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