The Best Back to School Outfit

LOCATION |  Bookworks, Pacific Grove CA

Maybe it’s because I grew up in PA (close to New England!) and I’ve been getting style inspiration from the J.Crew catalogs since middle school, but nothing reminds me of going back to school like a corduroy mini (like the one I’m wearing from Tobi). Even if I’ve never actually worn a corduroy mini to school….

But news flash, I’m not going back to school, nor do I have kiddos headed to school, yet. So I’m just dressing the part to feel part of the crew. Also, I love school so maybe it’s wishful thinking. But the next best place – other than actual school – where you can get all the school feels, is at a caffe + bookstore. I mean, Kathleen Kelly people.

The other day, I took little Brecky-bear on a coffee date, minus the coffee for him. We looked at some books, shared a few smiles, and then I cried all the way home because before I know it, that little nugget is actually going to be going to school. And I’m going to get real familiar with calls to the principal’s office… I can feel it.

Also, total sidenote. We spotted a few Richard Scarry’s books (see photos below) which in my house, are some of our favorites! I actually think Ajax would LOVE this book; he talks about what he wants to be when he grows up all the time. It’s adorable!

If you’ve seen a picture of my husband as a child…well, you don’t really need too because Brecken is totally twinning him in this picture.

shirt (which is actually a dress from A&F, similar and similar) | skirt ℅ | mules | necklace (similar) | bag

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  1. 9.12.17
    Emily said:

    How fun! You’ve got the cutest little coffee date buddy. 🙂

    • 9.17.17
      Abi said:

      He is very cute. And equally devilish=)

  2. 9.12.17
    Caitlin said:

    So love this back to school outfit! And I really appreciate your Kathleen Kelly reference-always my point of reference for fall too. 🙂

  3. 9.14.17
    Susannah said:

    That skirt is SO cute! Totally reminds me of going to school! (Although my parents would have made me change out of it immediately if I had tried to wear it to school! I like being an adult and picking my own wardrobe. Haha)

    • 9.17.17
      Abi said:

      HAH! I wouldn’t have worn it to school either…. but the thought is nice=)

  4. 9.14.17
    Elizabeth said:

    YES! I love this. Also Kathleen Kelly – Don’t you just love New York in the fall? It makes me want to send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils!

    • 9.17.17
      Abi said:

      THAT would be my favorite bouquet ever!!

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