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from the start

When I ordered these mom jeans from A&F, I thought they would fit a little differently. On the model, while they were girlfriend fit, they looked quite different on her than they do on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love how they fit on me! I just didn’t order them thinking they would look like that.. I didn’t purposely buy mom jeans. That time.  And while I’m not totally giving up on my skinnies, these jeans might have become my new favorites.

Here I styled them in my current favorite way to wear mom jeans, with a shirt totally tucked in. But that’s not everyones flavor, so I’ll try and do a post soon with my jeans styled differently! Because everyone should have a pair in their closet, mom or not.

the mom jean fit

What makes a pair of jeans mom jeans you might ask? In my opinion, the high waist and looser, more relaxed fit. The combo of those two features lands them in the mom jeans category. Some people call them girlfriend jeans, but I’m not a girlfriend. I’m a mom….

Boyfriend jeans are normally a low rise, because, boyfriends don’t wear that high rise. You should be laughing just picturing it! Because I am. Bahahahha. That gonna be my husband’s next pair of pants. Forget trying to get him onboard with the skinny jeans, we’re gonna introduce him to high waisted! Bah! 

Seriously, I love the high waist and loose fit. I did size up – mainly because of the high waist. But something to take into account is I have (and always have had) chicken legs, which explains the different look between me and the model. So I’m not totally recommending this exact pair for everyone, but also remember that any style that is labeled girlfriend or boyfriend should be a little looser (even if it doesn’t look that way on the model). It will look better on YOU if  the fit isn’t as snug. A classic cut or skinny fit, those are meant to be snug. But get comfortable with non-form-fitting jeans because I think this style is sticking around.

I also think A&F still sizes to teenagers, so I size up in everything from them anyway. Because this mama for sure doesn’t have a teenager body. #foreverthirtyone #abercrombieandbeetchcanfitintothat?!

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the exact jeans I’m wearing | same style, different washoption 1 | option 2 | option 3
cardigan | similar stylesimilar color
sandals | similar
tote (love this tote!)

  1. 8.1.17
    Torrie said:

    Cute look! I basically have decided I should probably only stick with high-waisted styles now that I actually am a mom because I should fit in with all the stereotypes…and because my new birthing hips don’t fit into anything else! Ha ha.

    I’ve been looking for a good high-waisted pair, so maybe I’ll be looking into this! Are your hips pretty narrow? Because I have a thicker waist and narrow hips (aka, it all just straightens itself out), so I’m wondering how these might fit me.

    • 8.1.17
      Abi said:

      High-waisted is a favorite after pregnancy, just so I don’t look like I have several waists 🙄 haha, but yes, I would say that I’m not hippy. I’ve always had more of an athletic/petite build over a curvy one.
      For these jeans – and really anything high-waisted – start with your waist and get a size based off of that. Because high-waisted jeans that are too snug are crazy uncomfortable!!

  2. 8.1.17

    Love the whole outfit. Boyfriend jeans are my go-to, idk how mom jeans are different but I love them all the same! 🙂

    • 8.1.17
      Abi said:

      I *think* the difference is in the waist – boyfriend jeans tend to be low-rise waist while girlfriend/mom jeans tend to be high-rise waist! But both have a relax fit that is uber comfortable!!

  3. 8.1.17
    Ro said:

    I love this outfit! It’s so cozy and stylish – definitely something I could see myself wearing! Those glasses are also so cute!!

    • 8.1.17
      Abi said:

      I haven’t stopped wearing the sunglasses since I got them 😎. Madewell 😍

  4. 8.2.17

    GAH! I love this outfit and your hair! You are so adorable! I also am way into the high waisted pants!!

  5. 8.2.17

    Those jeans look so cute on you! I don’t think they look like “mom jeans” at all. I love the high waisted look of them with the relaxed fit. I am the queen of comfort and those style jeans always make me feel the most comfortable. You rock those jeans!

    • 8.7.17
      Abi said:

      Yes girl!! Comfort AND feelings like you’re nailing it = a good, good outfit!!

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