weekend reading | No.2

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If you L O V E  how everything in a tiny house has a place, how functional everything is, and the exceptional attention to detail and design, you’ll spend more time than you should on this website. Even if you’re never gonna buy a tiny house….
because, books!
love the white + wood, with a little metal
SO tiny! also, the ceilings on that one!!
Yes please. Just a tab bigger. With a room to put my children in.

The book club is reading this book. And this might be my suggestion for next month – have you read it?! Should I be scared? Because its look c-uh-reepy on Hulu!

My favorite way to make an iced latte.  This Nespresso pod + a mix of milk and flavored creamer, cold frothed. I 100% prefer this to syrup. 100%.  (current coffee setup)

This girl introduced me to this girl, where I found some great tips for meal planning. Because I epically f a i l when it comes to planning meals. Do you have any tips you would like to share? My family would really thank you….considering I contemplated serving them waaay expired roasted red peppers this week.

I’ve totally been waiting for this home tour. While my current color palette has less color, more black and white, I have always love her taste. And a few of her pieces are on my “to buy” list!

It’s been all rocky coast and ocean over here, but Victoria’s Instagram is reminding me why my true love are mountains. Mountain mama all the way.

If you need a white dress!

I feel like this is an alcoholic/slushie version of Sonic’s Cherry Limeade, so obviously it’s better. And since I no longer live a mile from a Sonic, it’s cool that I have to make it myself.

Do I need this cup? Because it looks pretty perfect to have in the car with me…

I totally dig this piece – probably because of the vegan-leather detail. The price-point… mad high. But anytime I can share a versatile piece that’s good for traveling, I will! Maybe the concept will help with the always present question of what to pack of that up-coming trip.