repeat offender | chambray dress

It’s probably a good thing that the weather here only lets me wear this dress occasionally. Because otherwise, I would leave the repeat offender status and move into does that girl wear anything else category. I guess that’s just a sign that I’ve found something that I like AND works for my lifestyle, right? But really, who doesn’t have a piece of chambray clothing that they just love?!

Everyone. Everyone does.

That’s this dress for me. It’s the perfect weight. I love the cold shoulder, plus nothing is more perfect than when you can wear it around dirt (or your kids – same, same) and it doesn’t show every little thing. That’s partially why chambray is so awesome #canwithstandtoddlerdirtwiping.

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that brunch date with all the eggs benny

LOCATION  |  Alvarado Street | Monterey CA

It’s totally normal to sit on sidewalks.

| dress on sale here | sandals (newer version) | bag (similar, and nicer, like a lot nicer here )|


that woodsy BBQ you’re headed too

LOCATION  |  Jack’s Peak | Monterey, CA

| dress but on sale here| boots (similar in style) | backpack (newer version and similar) |

p.s. I’m obsessed with this backpack. I got it last Christmas and haven’t stopped using it! It’s also 100% a repeat offender. Everyone All moms need a backpack!

  1. 7.12.17

    This outfit is seriously the cutest and looks so dang comfy! <3
    You're gorgeous!

    • 7.12.17
      Abi said:

      SO comfortable – that is probably my number one criteria!

  2. 7.12.17

    So cute! And you know it’s quality if it’s from Madewell! It’ll definitely hold up through all those repeat wearings 🙂 Your photos are phenomenal!

    • 7.14.17
      Abi said:

      I have had a major love affair with Madewell lately – and everything HAS held up great!
      And thanks – my husband takes the photos I’m in😍

  3. 7.12.17

    I love this dress so much! You are so cute! And totally, wear it all the time!! Why not?! XOXO

    • 7.14.17
      Abi said:

      Haha right! Why not?!? 😄

  4. 7.12.17
    Caitlin said:

    This dress looks so perfect for many different outings! I actually really love to see what people to wear on repeat, it really speaks for the item!

    • 7.14.17
      Abi said:

      Me too!! I don’t actually want just a closet full of closet, I want a closet with clothes that I actually wear!

  5. 7.14.17

    I love the sandals and necklace from your brunch post. I found the link for the sandals but do you have one for the necklace?

    • 7.14.17
      Abi said:

      Ah I’m sorry, I don’t- it was a super super old random purchase! But Natalie Borton makes similar vibe style necklaces that might be worth a look!

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