Slow Days

It’s totally true what they say about forgetting, especially when it comes to all things baby. I think because I vividly remembered a few things from having Ajax – how hard my recovery was, the shock of now being totally responsible for another person, Ajax actually sleeping at night as a newborn and the reality of “my schedule is not my own” – I remembered those things, but everything else I remember, well, it’s blurry.

It’s coming back to me now because I’m here, but when there’s a new little person in your life, you have to take your days a little slower.  Not just because they’re not on the eat three times a day, sleep through the night plan. Wait– why can’t they be? Why couldn’t they be programmed from birth with this remarkable ability to sleep at night? Said every mother ever.

Slow days. Even though pre-Brecken, Ajax and I were out and about a lot, it’s been just what life has needed, these slow days. My days now have more walks around our neighborhood to look at all the bulldozers and graters, trips to the playground with fruit snacks in tow, iced coffees at home, and dinners-to-go instead of dining in. There’s also more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing on the tv too… but I’m not really that worried about it. Because I know, the days will pick up. Brecken will (at some point) sleep through the night and I will not feel anxious sitting down in a restaurant to eat lunch, a table for our family of four. Ajax will stop feeling ruffled and crying for me to “hold him” all.the.time and adjust to this new dynamic. The days will eventually speed up. But for now, we’re over here, LOVING THE WARM WEATHER AND SUNSHINE, and taking our day, slowly.

With maybe a trip to get donuts…

Also, Ajax totally swiped that billiard ball from our community center. I noticed when I took the picture… don’t worry. We took it back.