I Bought a Maternity Coat

When I realized that I was going to be pregnant A L L winter, my first thought was maybe I’ll need an actual maternity coat. Maybe. Then I started asking other people who were also gonna be preggers in the winter, and people who had been preggo in the winter and most people also went by the whole maybe deal. As in they might buy a jacket, if that one jacket in their closet doesn’t kinda fit around their belly. Or maybe they’ll buy a normal jacket (non-maternity) just in a bigger size. Maybe.

I thought about this whole jacket thing all fall.

If I was going to carry anything like I did with Ajax, then no current coat of mine would ever zip up. And call it petite-girl-syndrome, but wearing anything in a larger size automatically looks terrible on me. Terrible. These things I knew.

I know this might not seem like it should have taken up any more thought other than “where do I buy a maternity jacket” but honestly, it was quite the conundrum for me. I like buying clothes, and buying maternity clothes isn’t my favorite. You only wear it for so long plus the seasonal aspect. I.E. A winter coat! And, my (small) fashion inspirations- pregnant fashion bloggers and Pinterest- basically just show pregnant women wearing an unzipped jacket for winter outfits. Who really wears their jacket like that when it’s actually cold?  And also, I hate being cold. I don’t mind the cold, I just don’t want to BE cold. Even with a belly, if I have to step outside on a wintery, Colorado day with just an unzipped jacket, I’m going to be cold.

Are you bored with this story yet? You already know what happens. I bought a maternity winter jacket…

And I L O V E L O V E L O V E it! I’ve had it through one winter snow so far, and I’ve been warm. Snuggly, comfortably, warm. And I’ve already been wondering if I could get away with wearing this coat, not pregnant, because I like it!

My two cents, pregnant mamas… buy a winter coat.

But now I want to know if you actually bought a winter maternity coat too,
when you were pregnant?

  1. 12.14.15
    Rachel said:

    I actually did the larger size coat :/ hated it..lol and in the end, had to Wear a really big warm scarf that protected my belly in the end. Being in Texas, it wasn’t TOOO bad, but Colorado…yeah I probably would have gotten one as well.

    • 12.15.15

      What totally sold me was finding a reasonably-priced, warm jacket- otherwise I don’t know what I would of done. But I do love a nice cozy scarf too!

  2. 12.15.15
    Tiara said:

    I bought a maternity peacoat when we lived in Washington and loved it! Had it all winter and wore it a winter after. I finally parted with it because I feel since I’m not having any more littles I shouldn’t hold on to anything else maternity.

    • 12.15.15

      Nice! I mean, who likes to be cold?!? 🙂 And, no more babies?!?! Are you sure…..:)

  3. 12.15.15
    Beth Mayberry said:

    I love that you did that and you are so adorable!!

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