Packing | A Mountain Weekend Getaway

We planned a little mountain getaway back in the spring, but had to reschedule – mainly because it just wouldn’t stop raining here in Colorado. But we finally headed up to the mountains this past weekend, and had an awesome time!

I am usually a terrible packer. Terrible. Sometimes I think there might be a snow storm at the beach, so bringing multiple sweaters seems reasonable to me. Even though, every time I have ever been to the beach, it’s been nothing but shorts and tanks and a swimsuit. But I was determined to pack light for this mountain weekend getaway. And, although it takes me time, the only way I’ve found that I can actually pack light is by creating outfits.

Planning outfits was easier for this trip because we knew what we were going to be doing; which I now think is a necessity when traveling with a little one. Planning things around a nap kept the weekend fun for everyone. And we did have a fun weekend!

As we were driving towards the mountains, my husband literally said “why does it seem like we have less stuff in our car?” Oh my darling, it’s because my entire closet wasn’t shoved into random bags all over the car. I packed light for our mountain weekend getaway!

  1. 6.24.15
    Julie W said:

    I am looking to get motivated to work out more and maybe new work out clothes will do the trick! Where are the pink top and legging/ yoga pants from? Do you like them?

    • 6.24.15

      Hi Julie! New workout clothes always inspire me too:) The top is New Balance from Marshalls and the bottoms are from Old Navy – I’ve had the bottoms for several months now and haven’t any any problems with them! I’d buy another pair from them again.

      • 6.24.15
        Julie W. said:

        Great! Thanks!

  2. 6.28.15
    Erin May said:

    I love all of the outfits you picked out, Abi! Can’t wait to see photos of all of the fun 🙂

    • 6.30.15

      Aw, thanks girl! I love that I’m getting better at packing… BUT all it will take is one trip when I didn’t pack something random I need and I’ll be back to packing the whole house for a weekend trip =) Haha

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