this is my favorite age

I’ve heard older moms, moms who have kids older than mine, say that every age has been their favorite age. I haven’t had years yet being a mom, but I can tell you that Ajax’s age right now… my favorite. I loved that little kid as a newborn and infant, but those months weren’t my favorite. I’ve told the story multiple times, but I remember asking my mom, when Jax was two months old… when can he start doing things for himself?! Hah. Mom of the year.

But this age, seventeen months… I love it. Oh there’s more emotional responses to not being able to eat “more eggs” (Easter eggs + candy) or getting cut off from watching videos of himself (should I be worried?) but he is sooo fun! He loves pointing out giraffes and elephants whenever he sees them in his book. Which means the trips to the zoo are going to be that much more fun! He totally understood what an Easter egg hunt was, and also that there was candy in the eggs and no one would dare try and tell him he couldn’t eat the Smarties inside the eggs because, well, he was super cute trying to get the eggs open. Also, he had no shame and ate candy right outta the dirt. That’s my kid.

He is also just the biggest talker, and it’s hilarious. My husband just asked Ajax for a high five, to which he responded “no more.” Then he promptly said “mama, high five” and held his sweet little palm out towards me. Winning. I mean, I know it’s not a competition. But I must be the favorite.

Don’t get me wrong, this little seventeen-month old can still be give-me-all-the-wine-ever at the end of the day, but man, he’s so fun. Running and playing and finding every button ever made. And his facial expressions!  Watching him with babies older than he is, just following them around, watching what they do–just precious. I think at this age he’s officially a toddler, and I love it. This is my favorite age. So far.


  1. 4.8.15
    Erin May said:

    This age is my favorite too…so far 🙂 Micah’s comprehension blows my mind at times and he just loves to talk (like his papa)! It’s so fun to see our boys at this age, able to do so much more on their own. Able to really explore their world and we get the pleasure of seeing the wonder of His creations in their eyes each day. Thanks for posting, Abi!

    • 4.9.15
      Abi Tomberlin said:

      Isn’t it crazy!! Watching them learn is AMAZING! Love ya, girl! And that precious little boy of yours. Soooo cute!

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