We’re Moving! Again!

I don’t exactly think this news comes as a surprise, because while we’re an active duty military family, we’ll be moving every couple of years, but this move is a big one because… it’s international.
We’re moving to Bavaria, Germany! 

Ironically, this is the same place I lived with my (then) new husband ten years ago and now we’re headed back with all the household goods, a dog and two boys. So even though I’ve lived there before, it will be an entirely new experience. I’ve tried to round up as many details as I can and the most common questions that I’ve gotten, and answer them all.

When are you moving?

Right now, our best guess is sometime early summer. There are few more moving parts because we’re moving overseas, so we’ll see where all of those pieces land… soon…

Where exactly in Germany are you moving to?

I’m not going to say here, but you’ll be able to figure it eventually.

How will you get your things and your dog overseas?

The military will pack and ship our stuff for us and it generally takes a couple months from start to finish. They’ll even ship a car too, but just one. We’re still working out the details for our second car.

There are special military commercial flights that we can be booked on, and if so, there is the option to book our dog on the same flight; that’s our plan A. We don’t currently have a plan B and hopefully we won’t need one.

Do you get to pick your house?

Kinda, but not really. We’re moving to an area where housing is limited, so there aren’t a lot of options. Most likely we will be in military housing in a German community.

What will you do with your current house?

We will try and sell….. Another piece that we’re trying to coordinate this move around.

Do you speak German? 

Not yet! When I lived there before, I definitely picked up enough to get around. But that was years ago… so before Christmas my husband purchased the German Rosetta Stone for me. It was one of my 2020 goals to finish all of the beginner level before we move.

Where will your boys go to school?

Ajax will go to the DOD (Department of Defense) school that is closest and Brecken, we’re not sure yet. There are local German Kinders, as well as programs run through the military base. We’ll see what’s available and the right fit for him.

How do you feel about this? 

This is probably the number one question I get asked! I’m excited for all the adventures we will get to do as a family, as well as getting to live outside the US for a certain time. And while I know it’s hard, being an expat can also be rewarding and the experience of a lifetime. I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to give up Trader Joe’s, Target and 2-day Prime shipping, I do think I can deal for a few years. I’ll let you know how I feel from Paris….

Still, moving anywhere is hard so I’m trying to keep my attitude positive and roll with things as them come…. trying….

Where are some of the places you’re planning on traveling to? 

All of them. Hah, but for real… I haven’t sat down and said “this is our list for travels” but it’s coming. If you have any must travels, let me know! Since I spent some time living in Germany, there are places that I’ve obviously already traveled too, but I want to experience those places again with the boys. And really, can you ever visit Paris to many times?!

Picture this, but with two little boys and the adults looking ten years older.
Here’s to Germany in 2020!