an everyday look

Here’s the thing, when it comes to my everyday, this is eighty-five percent how I roll: something easy to wear and minimal effort with hair and makeup. I say eighty-five percent because I do occassionally add mascara, and it usually makes a world of difference in my face. Any while it’s not always sunny in the mornings here in Monterey, when it is, I love spending some time on our balcony. Who doesn’t love a balcony?! Brecken loves it, obviously.


Minimal effort for me is wearing my hair with waves (or curls). I have  c o r s e,  w a v y,  t h i c k  hair and when it’s air dried I have waves. Now I’m a little too OCD to just let my natural hair fly, but I’ve been told that I could. Especially when I’m wearing Birks…….. I’ve been using a 1 1/4” curling iron* to add some order to my waves and occasionally use a texture spray or beach wave spray.

I can typically go three to four days without washing my hair, usually with a little bit of dry shampoo for my roots. I’ve been trying to avoid the mom bun aka top knot as much as I can. Not because it’s a mom bun but because I’m trying to grow my hair out and keeping it out of a tie is helps it not to break.

 | curling irontexture spraybeach wave spray |


I’ll just say it, I think that I always look better when I’m wearing mascara. BUT since I think it’s a nuisance to wash off everyday, let’s all just be okay with me  n o t  wearing it all the time, because that’s usually how I roll.

I’ve considered doing eyelash extensions because they’ve always look stunning on people with them, and then I really won’t have to wear mascara. But considering they have to be refilled every 2-4 weeks, I’m not sure I want that up keep. And I don’t have complaints about the length or thickness of my eyelashes; they’re just blonde! I have had them tinted before, so maybe I’ll go that route again. Anything that will make it easier to wear as little makeup as possible!

Glossier Skin TintBare Minerals Loose Powder | Tarte – Park PrincessBlush



Something easy to wear, and also comfortable. This jumpsuit, while it can hold a wrinkle, is totally easy and comfortable with a touch of cool. And I can throw a cardigan overtop which is almost always necessary here, at least in the mornings.

jumpsuit (similar floral versionoff-the-shoulder version) | sneakers (similar in more sizes)



*I used to use a 3/4″ but since I’ve gotten little bit more length in my hair, a bigger barrel gives me the look I want.


  1. 7.27.17
    Mandi said:

    Culottes!!!!! 😝👏🏼✌🏼 Kudos sista

    • 7.29.17
      Abi said:

      hahah you know it!

  2. 7.27.17

    Those sneakers are adorable!! I need a pair like that. Love how they made the whole outfit more put together, without having to add an effort on your end, haha. Super cute look! 🙂

    • 7.29.17
      Abi said:

      I wasn’t sure I would wear them when I purchased them, but I’ve reached for them all summer! I think I would have worn a non-tie up version just as much too!

  3. 7.28.17
    Amy M said:

    I love every day looks!
    You’re so beautiful!!

    • 7.29.17
      Abi said:

      aw, so sweet. And they might be my favorite looks that people do because they’re real!

  4. 7.28.17

    Seriously in love with effortlessly chic you are!

    • 7.29.17
      Abi said:

      You are being too kind!

  5. 7.28.17

    You are the cutest! I wish my hair had natural waves!

    • 7.29.17
      Abi said:

      hahaha until you had it, and then you would want straight hair – which is what I want! =)

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