A Rug for the Living Space

I call this area the livingĀ spaceĀ because of the open floor plan, there really isn’t a designated living room. You might recall that I DID have a rug in this space. It’s actually this rug from Rugs USA. It went really well with the couch, but when I finally decided on a coffee table, the yellow / cream wood tones from the table clashed with the white / gray tones of the rug. So I moved the rug out of that space and started looking for another one.

I spend a lot of time in this little area. It’s where the fireplace is, which is one of my favorite things in our house. Not the design around the house (I had nothing to do with that) but the having a fireplace, that I love. But usually I’ll sit on the couch, or the floor and work from here. At night, I despite this being the smaller tv, this is usually where I pick to sit down and watch a show.

When I saw that Rugs USA was going a sale, I figured it would be the perfect time to get a rug into that space. (They usually have some sort of sale, so don’t buy a rug without one!)

I was all over the board in terms of what I thought would work in this space. It was emotional… as picking anything for the house usually is for me. Tell me I’m not alone!

Really the biggest contenders, besides the one that I picked, were these two rugs – the Nacoda Shaggy Moroccan Lattice Fringe and believe it or not, the other one was Edessa Tribal Medallion. I love both of these rugs, even though they’re different from each other.

Once I saw the Nacoda rug from the top, I thought it clashed a bit to much with the pattern in my couch. And while the Edessa rug would have worked just fine, because of all the navy in the rug, and let’s be honest, the amount of color, I just couldn’t do it. (I do however think that this rug would be perfect in my master bedroom when I get around to updating it! It has all the right colors for that space, and I’m not afraid of the colors in there…)

So at the last second I went back to one of my original picks and went with the Temara Tribal Moroccan Tassel rug. Guys, I love it! It’s soft, comfortable and because it’s a cream (not white) it blends perfectly with my walls and curtains. Plus, it totally brightens up the space since I have a dark fireplace, floors and darker couch.

What do you think?! Is it a good fit for the space?