Couples Who Brush With An Electric Toothbrush Together…

Kiss more often!

Hahah, it’s probably true! I mean, who doesn’t prefer a freshly cleaned mouth to peck?!

Both my husband and I tested out the new Smile Brilliant electric toothbrush – the cariPRO! I collaborated with Smile Brilliant before with their teeth whitening systems, so when they asked if I wanted to try their new electric toothbrush… uh, yes! For reference, my current toothbrush was a well-known electric toothbrush brand, while my husband had been using a basic, non-electric toothbrush.

What I loved about this toothbrush, besides it being completely waterproof – which is perfect for my husband because he oddly loves brushing his teeth in the shower – is that the toothbrush heads were a little firmer, and larger than that I had been using. Not too firm, but just firm enough to leave your mouth squeaky clean. The toothbrush heads are a breeze to replace (and cheaper than my other brand) and on full charge, your toothbrush’s battery will last for thirty days!

While my experience wasn’t as drastic – since I had been currently using an electric toothbrush and was familiar with settings like whitening, sensitive, gum care, and massage, all of which should be included in your daily teeth and gum care – my husband immediately noticed all the things he had been missing by not using an electric toothbrush! Plus, his teeth were loads cleaner.

If you’re looking for an electric toothbrush, grab a cariPRO! Not only do they have a couples package (you know, in case you’re wanted to add a few more kisses into your daily life) but they also sell an individual package too! It’s not as expensive as some of the other brands, but still leaves your mouth squeaky clean and totally kissable!

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Also, this is totally how we brush our teeth every morning now!