Ajax’s Barnyard Bash

My little guy is THREE. And, wait for it, POTTY TRAINED. Like, full-on, even-while-sleeping potty trained. Miracles, people. Miracles. It might have been the easiest thing, too. But it was our second try.

Ajax had been asking for a few months “when is it HIS birthday?” and telling me about his candles and people singing Happy Birthday to him… so I knew this year we had to throw him a birthday party. He would have totally known if we didn’t. So, per normal, I had to have a theme. Since his big gift (thanks to our Amazon points!) was suppose to be a tractor, a Barnyard Bash seemed like the way to go.

Sidenote. We the tractor we bought, didn’t show up by his party. And a few days later, I received an email that it was lost in the mail. A giant, ride on, double seat tractor… lost in the mail. So we might just wait and give him one for Christmas. Are we terrible parents?!?

We used three red plastic table clothes for the barn, a few nails and duck tape. Duck tape for everything. Ajax officially made it a barn about halfway through the party, and we got it on video.

Ajax’s favorite part might have been hearing everyone sing Happy Birthday to him…although tossing the ice out of the wheelbarrow might be right up there.

I loved seeing Ajax having so much fun. And I especially loved that his best buddy from school came. Man my heart broke when we first moved and he kept asking for his friends who still lived in Colorado. And honestly, when I think about moving again (because we will, we won’t stay here) my heart might just break thinking about him saying goodbye to the friends he’s made here. It was good for my heart to babies running around everywhere and my three year old so happy.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Ajax.

  1. 1.6.17
    Erin May said:

    First off…Congrats to Ajax for mastering the dreaded potty training!!! Seriously. This. Is. HUGE!!

    And secondly, it just doesn’t seem possible that he’s 3 years old already?! Happy Birthday Ajax!

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