Colorado | Maroon Bells

I have to say, my expectations were pretty high for Maroon Bells. Not just because of everything that I had heard about it, but something about being in Aspen twice before and trying to see Maroon Bells both times without actually being able to get there upped the ante. So it was number one on the list when we hit Aspen while my family was visiting from PA.  When I finally got on the bus to head to see this beautiful site, I was more than ready to see the famous Maroon Bells.







The view was 100% stunning and 100% real. If we lived closer, I would be there all the time. I don’t think you can ever get tired of a place that beautiful. Even the drive up was filled with stunning views. I’ve only been in CO for two and a half years, but I’m still not tired of getting to see peaks in the skyline.

We didn’t hike too much around the area, mainly because the lower loop was closed due to the moose family in the area. But I was just standing there, taking it all in, so I didn’t really mind. No matter which way you looked, it was beautiful. Stunning, even.

Maroon Bells, you won my heart.


  1. 7.27.15
    Kalyn said:

    Dang, Colorado has it going on. The pictures are breathtaking!

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