How to Have a Successful Quiet Time

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Ever since my oldest son stopped napping, we’ve done something that we call Quiet Time. I feel like the name is a little misleading, because he doesn’t actually have to be quiet, and rarely ever is. It’s just a set time that he plays by himself. As a big brother, this is actually something he looks forward to because it’s the one time he can just play, and he doesn’t have to think about sharing toys. Plus, it gives him some time to himself, which I think everyone needs a little bit of, even smaller people!

How To Have a Successful Quiet Time

Have a Designated Time and Stick To It

One of the biggest struggles we have in our house, is sharing. Sharing is caring… Truly, this is an important lesson, one we keep reinforcing. And while my oldest is much better at playing together than his little brother is, sometimes it’s hard for him too. Quiet Time is that break, just for a little while, from having to share. He’s free to just PLAY. Knowing that he will get that break helps my son be a bit more gracious with his younger brother.

We do quiet time the same time just about every day. It’s a bit easier to keep it on the schedule because my youngest still needs that nap. But the day seems to run smoother when everyone knows what to expect.

Have a Designated Space

When we moved into our house – the Tombo Bungalow – we chose to take one of the bedrooms and turned it into a playroom. In our precious house, my son would do his quiet time in our guest room. So it doesn’t have to be a place just for kids – in my experience, Quiet Time has worked best when there has been a designated space, and preferable a space that has a door. It’s the thought that they can go into that room and just play. They don’t have to play with anyone, they can just create or read or set up an adventure all their own.


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Have the right toys for quiet time

Now even though we currently use a playroom as the space for our Quiet Time, we don’t keep ALL our toys in that room. While toys tend to travel, I try to make sure that the toys in the playroom are toys that help foster imaginative play! One of those such toys is PLAYMOBIL!

Guys, we are SUCH fans of these toys! My husband actually has an OG PLAYMOBIL Castle set that he got as kid, that is a big hit for my son. But since Walmart just started carrying PLAYMOBIL, we had to check them out! Now even though Walmart’s prices are great, I know that you’re still spending money on toys. But, I have never regretted purchasing (or pointing gift suggestions towards) toys that not only get played with over and over again, but toys that really get the creative juices going.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard the adventures my son has created during his quiet time. It might be one of the most magical things, as a mom, to overhear! PLAYMOBIL toys are high quality, and have been created with great attention to the details, that they really have made it easy to create fun adventures! Since my son is really into police officers, I brought home the Take Along Police Station and Rescue Ambulance. I think his face says it all…

Having a Quiet Time has not only made it easy for my son to take a break from having to share and interact, but it is truly the time where I see his imagination take off. I am constantly impressed with the adventures he sets up and the stories I hear him act out. We love having PLAYMOBIL toys in our house!


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