Here’s to You, California

I had just barely moved to Monterey and was coming back from the grocery story when this view first stuck in my mind. I remember noticing it, because it was the opposite of what I was used to, and not at all comforting. Mainly because it was June, and cold.
I learned all about June Gloom – which really should be named June, July, and August Gloom if we’re telling the truth; at least that’s how that “summer” went. I was used to looking west and seeing American’s Mountain instead of water dropping off into the horizon, seeing forrest green instead of sea blue, and feeling the quiet ruggedness of the Rocky Mountains instead of the hearing crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

That’s the hard part, for me, about moving. Being pulled from a life and asked to start again. And it doesn’t matter if the new place is as beautiful and cool at Monterey, California. It’s still new; it’s still a change. It’s still not what I was accustom too.

But now, now as I soak in this view for the last few times, not only does it not feel cold and foreign, but I already miss it. Or miss the life that came with this view.

The little crew from Ajax’s preschool – both the kids and the parents – who are just so cool and so kind and so awesome. They opened up their homes and lives to us, and I will forever be grateful. It breaks my heart to hear Ajax said that he gave his friend “a big hug” and said goodbye. It’s all those same emotions that I wrote about in “Bunny” coming crashing into my heart, once again.

The bike rides and beach plays, all the aquarium visits, and plethora of options for date nights.
The constant, incredible views; the spectacular sunsets.
The hours and hours we got to spend together, as a family. The time spent here with family and friends.
The military community, that while close – literally, close – was an incredible experience with seeing old friends and getting to make new ones. It was an experience I don’t think we will get repeat.
The opportunity to take photos, with the some of the most beautiful backdrops, of precious families.
The California travels that imprinted images and memories on my heart.

I feel like I’m always leaving a piece of my heart behind, with every move. I think that’s why I don’t feel like I’ve gotten any better at moving… it’s always hard. It’s always hard.

But having a positive outlook – listen, I’m no Pollyanna, but I can appreciate looking at what life has handed you and try to make the best of it – and being open to letting the new experience be what it may has made a world of difference. Knowing full well that the hard isn’t going anywhere, the new, the lonely, the grit it will take to start over, that’s all still real and present. But the trade off, no matter where the next stop is, is having a life that I haven’t just gotten through, but lived, embraced. I think the same could be said for most experiences life brings us.

So here’s to you, California.

The home video my husband made about our time here in California. It’s a lot of family and friends, but a tiny glimpse into our life here in California.

Leaving California on Vimeo.