The Tombo Bungalow

I straight up giggled at those of you on Insta who ‘need more info’ when it came to the hardware for all my cabinets (heey David). Honestly, I expected there to be more of you, because I totally would have need more information if I was taking the poll! I’ve actually been asked a few questions related to our house, so I wanted to answer those questions and tell you more about what I’m calling, The Tombo Bungalow!

Q | Are you guys going to be in Colorado forever now?
A | We don’t expect to, at least not yet. My husband is still actively serving in the military and most likely this won’t be our last move. We do, however, have strong ties to this city (and Colorado), and wanted to purchase a house here because of the probability that we might one day make it our permanent location. But nothing is set in stone!

Q | Why did you buy a house then?
A | The housing market is pretty high where we are, and rentals are about the same – if not higher – than a mortgage would be for the same size/location house. It made sense to buy and diversify our investments a little. It’s a tad riskier for us, since we know that there is very strong possibility we will move away and will need to turn this property into a rental (and all the ups and downs that come with that) but we feel it was the right decision for us. Plus, after living in rentals for the last seven years, it feels amazing to be moving into a place that we can call ours.

Q | Did you guys build the house?
A | The Tombo Bungalow IS a new build, but we didn’t build it. We didn’t pick any of the feature or finishes – I would have made some different choices than what the builders did. But, purchasing a new (er) build was at the top of our priority list because of the probability that we will rent it out in the future. Plus, with my husband’s current career and the likelihood of another move in our future, we didn’t want the time commitment of renovating a house.

Q | Why this house?
A | A couple reason, but for starters we lived in this neighborhood as renters when we previously lived in Colorado. We love the location and the neighborhood! Also, I really wanted a house that was under 3000 square feet, but with light, bright features (like the kitchen). While I’m not brave enough to go tiny, I do love the intentional living spaces that come from smaller spaces. Plus I know this isn’t the last house we will be living in and I don’t want to have to furnish a big house, only to move, with all that furniture, to a house that is smaller and be stuck with more furniture than I know what to do with. This house fit right into all the criteria we had! If I was building from scratch, would I have done some things different? Uh, yes. But am I super excited for this house? You betcha.

It’s a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, approx. 2300 square foot bungalow.

Don’t mind the dirty floor….. They haven’t been cleaned yet. I have a feeling it’s going to be standard.
That’s what happens when you have dark wood floors.

Since you know that I only saw the house for the first time a week or so ago (and after we closed!), you have to know that I poured over the pictures sent to me and immediately started making my list of things that I would love to change. Hah – I’m looking at you dining room table chandelier. Getting to see that house just confirmed those things, which my husband looooved. Hah! The top things that I’m looking adding or changing are:

  • dining room table chandelier (it’s the chandelier right next to the kitchen)
  • the light pendent right by the front door (not pictured)
  • a master bedroom light/fan (also not pictured)
  • handle for all of our cabinetry
  • a mantel for our fireplace (not pictured) plus possibly redoing the area around the fireplace
  • a new couch and coffee table for upstairs
  • two counter height stools for the island
  • blinds for the upstairs windows

Almost all of these things I’ll make the purchasing decision once we’re actually living in our house. I want to see what our kitchen table looks like in the space before deciding on what couch to buy or whether it’s the right call to put a playroom upstairs too instead of creating an office space.

Side note. If you have an Article couch, can you tell me your thoughts?!? I’m not looking at the leather Sven couch, unless you tell me that the leather really is comfortable…but Article is my top choice for a new couch and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts!

Follow along on Instagram with the #thetombobungalow or look for my Tombo Bungalow Insta stories to stay in the loop. And if you have any experience purchasing some of those items I listed above, let me know! For real, help a girl out. Because buying a house is stressful, but purchasing a dining room chandelier, well it’s basically on the same level.

  1. 3.15.18
    Jeremy Bratton said:

    very nice home, are you guys on the west side?

    • 3.15.18
      Abi said:

      Yes! We can’t seem to leave. My husband grew up on that side + it’s where we lived last time we were in CO.
      Also, congrats on your second baby boy!! He looks so precious in your pictures!

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