Shoes to Wear with Cropped Jeans

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Cropped jeans are popping up everywhere (and in the dead of winter) and if you get a pair, they’ll probably be your most worn pair come spring and summer. There are different styles of cropped jeans from flares to skinnies to split hem to wide leg so most likely, you’ll be able to find your favorite style of jean in a cropped version. Which is perfect because I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

When it comes to the crop of your denim, no matter the style, you just want to make sure that the denim hits above your ankle. It can hit anywhere from barely above your ankle to all the way up to mid calf, although I don’t prefer my denim that short. Possibly because I’m on the shorter side…

No matter where your crop falls, the question always asked is what shoes do you wear with cropped denim?

All of these shoes show a little foot, and a little foot adds length to your leg, even when you’re wearing cropped denim. The style doesn’t matter, but showing a little skin does!

My boots (those Sorel ones) leave just a sliver of skin between the boots and jeans, but I would give you style notes saying that even if the boots filled in, under the jeans leaving no skin, it’s okay.

The only shoe I haven’t loved how it’s look with cropped denim is a mid rise bootie or sandals, or a shoe that covers most of the ankle, but not all of it. Either show the ankle or hid it.

This is the pair of cropped denim that I’m wearing. Usually, Old Navy’s denim isn’t a great fit with me, but I’ve loved these jeans. The denim is soft and the fit is great. My overalls are from Madewell and are just barely fall into the cropped denim category. And these mom jeans are also cropped, and I cuffed them. Clearly I’m a big fan of cropped denim. Are you?