when to wear that cold shoulder sweater

On a brunch date on the pier; that’s where you wear a cold shoulder sweater.

Here me, I get it. It’s a sweater, with holes on the shoulders. And while that might seem like it lands you in the when could I ever wear that category, trust me. There are a lot of places that this sweater is the perfect piece for!

LOCATION |  LouLou’s Griddle in the Middle | Monterey, CA


Do you remember that winter when cropped puffer jackets were in? I do because I wore them. Even in upstate New York where it’s actually cold… and there I was wearing half a winter jacket, because fashion….

The cold shoulder sweater isn’t that bad!! It’s not! I’ve had this sweater since fall of last year and I wear it all the time. Now remember, I live where the weather is basically 60 degrees so I CAN wear sweaters all year round. But, even if you life where real winter exist, there’s still hope for you. The perfect time to wear that cold shoulder sweater, those cool summer nights or those transitional fall days. You need the weather to be cool, but not cold.

So my brunch date that was on the pier on a cloudy day. Perfect. Perfect! Without the cold shoulder, the sweater could have been to hot. Which is almost as bad as being cold!  I grabbed a denim jacket to throw over top in case I did get cold – which I didn’t  – but it never hurts to be prepared. Because, you ARE wearing a sweater that has holes in the shoulders…

A summer night date to the fair.
Anytime you end hit California’s northern coast. Baby it’s cold here.
Apple picking, in those state that get legit fall. Or a hay ride, at night.
An early morning donut/breakfast date.
That playground that is only shaded (just kidding, that doesn’t exist!)

cold shoulder sweater | super similar and also from Targetsimilar style
jeans | there’s this pair and this one, because, high rise!
sneakers |  these are soo cute!and these,
backpack | same style/brand, different color
jean jacket | same brand, most similar,  cropped version

  1. 8.8.17
    Kalyn said:

    you are a babe! Love the outfit and your hair is so so good!

    • 8.8.17
      Abi said:

      hahah I was having a great hair day that day – I wish I knew what I did!!

  2. 8.9.17

    Okay, I love your style!

    • 8.9.17
      Abi said:

      thanks girl!

  3. 8.9.17
    Torrie said:

    What a fun piece! And you’re right—I was totally thinking to myself when you could ever get away for wearing something like that weather-wise, ha ha.

    By the way, your smile is amazing! It just lights up all these pictures 🙂

    • 8.9.17
      Abi said:

      hahaha it is a funny piece, for sure! And thank you – the sweetest compliment!

  4. 8.9.17
    Caitlin said:

    I love this sweater! You look so good in it!
    Lol to your comment about cold shoulders, that was exactly my thought, why would I wear a sweater with holes in the shoulders?!
    You may have convinced me otherwise. 🙂

    • 8.9.17
      Abi said:

      It gives you a good breeze, and keeps you from getting TO warm=) hahah

  5. 8.11.17

    What a great sweater – and it looks like you had a blast! Piers are so beautiful. Totally dreamy.

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