California | Yosemite National Park, No. 1

The mountains were calling, and we had to go.

The rad thing about Yosemite, is that while you were up (some parts are 8000 feet above sea level) there were still views around you. It seems there way always something higher off in the horizon, and I dig that. I’m pretty sure everyone digs that which is why there were loads of people visiting from all countries.

There are views likes this everywhere. We only spend three days here, and we barely made a dent it what you can see and do. Do being outdoorsy stuff, obviously. But since we weren’t camping, I was all about getting my outdoor on. Also, it was beautiful. I can only imagine what it would look like if you added some fall colors. Probably perfection.

I will say, we did a lot of driving. Because we didn’t camp (um, yay!) we didn’t use the shuttle within the park. A lot of the views were off of 120, although you really didn’t go wrong anywhere you drove in the park. There are tons of pullover spots everywhere, which is good because there were tons of views.

We stopped at the Tunnel View when we first got into the park. There’s no shade and it’s packed with tourists. But still, the views were great and an easy spot to get to.

And since we weren’t planning on hiking that day, we drove around the loop and decided to spend some time in the crik. Creek. Whatever. Ajax had a blast just climbing all over the rocks and throwing stones. Literally, his dream playground. And you can’t beat the backdrop.

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And then, there was an accident – no one was hurt, just a dump truck that tipped and blocked the whole road – and we had to drive on a three hours detour to get to our hotel, that was a mile outside the park…

But, I have no complaints about our hotel, once we got there. I kinda loved it and would recommend it! We didn’t spend a lot of time here, but the time that we did, was filled with skinny-dipping (Ajax only!), making s’mores, playing in their game room, drinking a beer on our balcony. Basically all the things you think about when you think about being in the woods, except we weren’t camping! Woohoo. Although it you are in to camping, Yosemite is the place to do it.

I saw loads of those rental RV’s, which, if you’re rolling deep, it would probably be loads of fun.