Everything You’ve Asked About My Boys’ Hair

This post has been sponsored by Johnson’s®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

One of the things I thought that I would miss out on from being a boy mom was doing hair. Nope! While I’m not picking out bows and doing braids, I still get to do their hair every day. And while both my boys have different textures and types of hair, they have the same haircut—and it works for both of them!

I am consistently getting asking about how I get my boys’ hair cut—what I ask for, how I style it, and which products I use. So, here’s the post with all that info! And what’s cool is that I was able to partner with the JOHNSON’S® Kids’ Hair collection at Walmart to bring this content to you!

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While I’ve totally admitted to forgetting to throw my boys in the tub, what I do love about using JOHNSON’S® Clean & Fresh Shampoo + Body Wash is that is definitely keeps their hair clean & fresh with Freshboost® fragrance. And even though both Ajax and Brecken have different hair types, it works well for both of them. Plus, it’s No More Tears® (Gentle); hypoallergenic; contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or dyes; and is Ophthalmologist & Pediatrician tested.

Each time we wash their hair, I try to encourage them to do most of it. While Brecken is only three, the washing of his hair actually goes a lot better when I become the assistant. Ajax has it down!


When my oldest, Ajax, was a little over a year, I went for THE HAIRCUT. In hindsight, I should have gone before then, but I was a new mom and wasn’t sure I was prepared for the trauma of cutting hair. And that wasn’t even thoughts about how Ajax would do with the haircut! So, when I finally took him to get his hair cut when he was a little over a year old, I had them just clean up his hair.

At that point, I didn’t know if I wanted to grow his hair out or keep it short. As someone who invests in her own hair, this felt like a big decision. But, a couple months later, after many nights on Pinterest, I had the hairstylist do what was called an “undercut,” and we’ve been getting a similar cut ever since.

My youngest, Brecken, went right for this haircut before his first birthday.


  • A “1” all the way around their head, with a hard part on one side. I don’t have them shave a line into their head where the part is, but that’s just because that adds more time, needs precision, and I don’t think it’s necessary. 
  • Both of my boys have pretty solid cowlicks in the back right of their head, so my preference is that the area around the top of their head gets faded, as opposed to a hard line. I’m trying to NOT have it look like a high and tight in the back. Sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But, I have found that their hair generally lays better when their cowlicks aren’t just shaved off—which is what they’re always trying to do. I’ve done both—shaved and kept the cowlick longer—and I totally prefer the longer version.
  • For the top section, I generally have them layer (and for Brecken’s hair, texture) the top. I show them how we wear it, so they know to leave the front longer so it can be swept back. I’ve kept their top section really short and have had it long enough to pull into a Bam-Bam style pony. I personally love it longer. Ajax, however, likes his a bit shorter, so we meet somewhere in the middle.




Both of my boys are taking swimming lessons which, as you know, is great for their hair. Hah. Especially Ajax, whose texture is a bit more coarse. So, I keep the JOHNSON’S® Clean & Fresh Conditioning Spray in their swim bag. It’s picture perfect for after some time in a pool. But, even if you don’t have little fishes, having a conditioning option can be essential for kids’ hair. Using this every couple of times right after they wash their hair can drastically help the condition of their hair!


This is pretty simple: hairspray. I’ve used cremes and gels in their hair, and what works best at giving it some form (being pushed over to one side of their head) without being super stiff or hard is hairspray. I personally like their hair best near the end of the day when not every hair is in place, and as the hairspray relaxes a little bit, I feel like their hair shows its best side.

That is everything I’ve ever been asked about my boys’ hair! And truly, if their hair is being cared for, then it makes the cutting and styling that much easier. So, the next time you’re at Walmart (or doing a pickup, which SAVES MY LIFE!), make sure to grab the JOHNSON’S® Kids’ Hair collection! It can be found in the baby needs section of the personal care aisle.