California | Yosemite National Park, No.2

In all honesty, I could fill a few posts up with Yosemite. And we were only there for three days, so the amount of places we could have parked for a picnic and some rock throwing (from Ajax, obviously) is loads. Maybe we’ll head back there next fall the see the colors. Maybe. The things is, as awesome as places are, I have a hard time going back… well. Okay, I would go back to Aspen anytime. And Vail. And Breckenridge. Okay, I would always go back to the Rocky Mountains. They’re that spectacular.  Yosemite was pretty legit…. we will see. It might be fun to go back with a walking Brecken.

I did a little bit of research (really probably the least amount I’ve done before any trip) about Yosemite, but we weren’t prepared for the limited food/restaurants. I think I was thinking it was going to be more like a mountain town which has it’s selection of restaurants. I will say that we didn’t walk through Yosemite Village, and I’m pretty sure there are restaurants there. But, basically if our resort wouldn’t have had a restaurant, we would have starved. Hah. So if you go, bring all the food.

Do you spy one little Ajax and one Papa?

// 360 Ergo / Boulder Band / Lululemon shorts and tank / Nike//

We hiked to Vernal Falls. It was crowed and steep. And since I’m still carrying Brecken on the front (and not on my back) it makes hiking for me even more of a workout. I mean, yes for those abs. But since we’re talking sweaters for the next couple months, I would have been fine with a more leisurely hike. The waterfall was pretty. Although, this one may still be my favorite.

We really wanted to see some sequoias, so we walked – in the rain – to Tuolumne Grove, and it was pretty cool. Not to mention the walk, while uphill all the way back, was paved, so we were able to have the kids in the stroller. It’s pretty amazing that God created trees with such stature. They were beautiful, even in the rain.