California | McWay Falls

Maybe because I know where we live, it’s not permanent, not for the next few moves anyway. But that makes me want to see and experience as much as we can, where we live. So between my husband and I, we usually create a list of places to go and restaurants to try so that we can try and not miss anything. The list is ever evolving, so totally throw any CA must do/see suggestions my way.

McWay Falls was on our list, for sure.

The actual falls you can walk by on a paved path. There was even a lady in front of me walking in heels… The viewsare great of the falls, although all of them make you want to actually be down on the beach, which you can’t do. We were done with whole hike (really more of a walk) within fifteen minutes.

Because seeing the falls wasn’t much of a hike, we took the tunnel under Highway 1 and hiked around Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

These days, when we hike, Ajax rides in the backpack carrier (it’s an old L.L.Bean carrier I found at a yardsale) and I carry Brecken in an Ergo360. Ajax would actually do okay walking on his own, at least for a little bit, but so far, most of the trails we’ve been on here in CA have had pretty steep drop offs. So mama prefers him to be strapped to papa’s back. Although, the walkway here, at Mcway Falls would have been fine for Ajax to walk.

The child carrier/backpack we have has worked well. I bought it at a yardsale because I wasn’t sure how much we would use it. And turns out, it’s one of our most used kid items. And now I’m looking into getting a legit, for-real kid carrier. I don’t think we’re slowing our roll when it comes to hiking. Any recommendations?

  1. 8.4.16
    Erin May said:

    We have the Osprey AG pack and we love it!! It’s fantastic for hikes but we also use it when we go the the farmer’s market, local parades and festivals, or anywhere else where we expect crowds of people and where maneuvering a stroller would be difficult. It feels secure on our back (we have one for each kid) and it raises the kids up so they can see over our head a bit. I comes with a sun visor to protect baby soft skin and has plenty of pockets for keys/phone, water bottles, and snacks. We got ours at REI and we highly recommend them 🙂

    • 8.9.16

      awesome recommendation! I will look into that one. And I love that you use one too=)

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