14 Weeks

// “J” necklace : Etsy-Project Dahlia / dress : Forever21 /
/ shirt : J.Crew Factory / ring : J.Crew / shoes : Steve Madden //

I’m still not 100% in love with this dress… But let me tell you. It’s freakin’ comfortable. I am basically wearing a black sack, so how could it not be…

I bought these sneakers (I’m from PA, people)  last summer and haven’t stopped wearing them yet! I wear them so much, I’ve been thinking about getting the leopard version of them! Hmm…

14 weeks with this little babe in my belly. It will be another month+ before we find out the gender, and honestly I’m totally cool with it. I just want to know what name this little one will be called. See, we’ve had a boy name and girl same for over a year now… and I’m dying to know which name we’ll get to use.

Hah, with already having a little boy named Ajax Kelley, and keeping with the more unique names…any name guesses for this little one?

Note: There’s one mama out there who can not participate in this guessing game😉

  1. 9.29.15
    Erin May said:

    Hmm well I know that Ajax was a powerful Greek warrior so you may keep with the Greek theme (or warrior theme). I think there is a mountain peak named Ajax so maybe you’ll pick a name related to mountains or nature? I’m kinda obsessed with names; first, middle, last, their meanings and history. I love it. I can’t wait to find out if you’re having a boy or girl and what his/her name will be! Will you reveal the name before baby arrives or on baby’s birthday?

    • 9.30.15

      You’re good!!:) Our plan is to share the name when we find out the gender. Last time we waited until the birth and it about killed me, hah!

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