Read + Listen | September


Love Is the Resistance Ashley Abercrombie

I’ll just leave this blurb here for why this book in on my list: When it comes to disagreement, we are in perpetual fight-or-flight mode. Rather than respond with a posture of compassion and connection, we are encouraged to “resist” others personally and politically. Either we engage in fruitless argument with people who refuse to see things our way or we retreat to our echo chambers where everyone agrees with us. But the real resistance, the kind that helps us grow, is learning to love others – especially those who disagree with us.

World Travel Anthony Bourdain

This was recommended in a writing group I’m in, and I know the appeal for me is all the travels I’ve been able to do recently. But I have always loved reading about traveling, so I’m excited to read this!

A Friend for Every Season Bethany Broderick

This article brought tears to my eyes. Currently, I’m having to navigate a broken friendship and this gentle reminder, for me anyway, that God has always brought friends in my life. And just how precious those friendships are.


Your Integrity, Our World North Point Community Church

I know this is podcast from a church, but this series (there are 4 parts) was a fabulous reminder, a great thought provoking listen about integrity.


The Moth

Honestly, I feel like The Moth is always on my radar. If I’ve ever talked about podcast, this one always comes up. I love listening to a good story, and sometimes there’s a story that is told here, that just sticks with you for years.


The Unhappy Millionaire The Happiness Lab

This one of the oldest episodes (only episode #2) but I loved listening to this particular one! The whole podcast is worth subscribing too, but I would start here.

Goal Digger + The Influencer Podcast

Two business podcast I constantly have in my library and am regularly listening too. They both offer valuable information and have always been interesting.